CH.Andromeda Bhatinda

( CH.Onassis du Clos des Cédres
CH.Bhatinda Amera )

16.12.1994 - 07.01.2007

Owner: MVDr.Silvia Brabcová


Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Czech republic
Club winner 1997
multi CAC, CACIB....
Best Veteran 2004
HD A/A, PRA neg,
BH, SA1, VZ1, ZM, SVV1, SVV2, IPO1, IPO2
Briard of Years 1997,1999,2000 in Work



JCh. Citadella Stamper

07.03.1997 - 20.02.2007

(Ch. ERIK APOLL bis Sun-Flo-Wer X Ch. DONA Vigo)

Owner: Heite u. Dieter Melchert



she is not dead

she does not sleep

she is awoken to the dream of life

Our Cita was born on March 7th 1997 in Slovakia. At the beginning of May we were at Katarina's to take her home and our mutual life began.
When she was a bit older she discovered that besides our Els ball games and cats were also worthwhile hobbies. Cita was always very vivid and wild outside, at home she was the most cuddly dog and liked to lay halfway on the lap and enjoyed being spoiled. When she had puppies, the black Briard turned into a black raven, who stole everything edible.
Then she passed the exam for companion dog (BH), became junior champion, was selected in Germany and Belgium and also once became BOB (Best of breed). The exhibition prohibition for cropped dogs was the sudden end of her exhibition career.
Cita gave us three litters with altogether 17 puppies and found her calling in this new task. She was a great mom to her puppies and couldn't get enough of them. With 9 years the ball was no longer important, unknown cats however still were and now and then she still played with her two daughters Cziganne and Dona, who we kept, as well as with our other Briards while she was a sovereign boss to them.
In April 06 the veterinarians operated a malign Melanoma on the lip and on 16.11.06 torn ligaments. Unfortunately during the surgery they discovered a sarkoma at the left thigh. Now we hope ........ still for a little time together. Jan.07
On 16.02.07 she began to limb, now in the right front . It got so bad that we went to the veterinarian. That was the end, the shoulder joint was already completely porous from the cancer, no more treatment was possible. She was in pain despite pain medications when running. Cita fell asleep in my arms and went over the rainbow bridge to Els and her daughter Amy.
Cita was a true treasure of a dog and our best friend!
Cita was my Püschel and I miss her terriblly!

Heite und Dieter


Ch Brichard Cliquot of Starwell

23.08.1993 - 18.06.2007

Owner: Trevoe & Angie Fieldsend

5cc's 10 rcc's

Ben got his first Rcc at 11 months old, he was a fantastic dog.
I will never own another dog like his. He truly was 1 in a Million


A million times we've called for you, a million times we've cried,
If love could have saved you never would have died 

In life we love you dearly, in death we love you still,
In our hearts you hold a place, that no one else will ever fill,
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone,
Part of us went with you, The day God took you home.

Thank you Cheryl for entrusting us with Ben. Darren & Emma we will always be thankful to you both for showing Ben for us. We had 13 1/2 years of love, companionship and fun. He made so many dreams come true. He will never be forgotten.

We will always love him. God bless Ben.Have fun with your sister ( Ch Brichard De Venage JW ) Masie.


JCh. Borgal "Booz" Lhasabrie

19.04.1998 - 21.06.2007

(Ch. Gilerablairiau del Nebbioso
Ch. Courtois Amera)

Owner: Heite u. Dieter Melchert


Everything has a time.
A time of joy.
A time of silence.
A time of pain and mourning.
A time of grateful memory.

Our Bozo was born on 19.04.1998 (B-litter “Lhasabrie " = 5/5 black) in Bratislava. At the beginning of June we picked him up and drove home with our camper. His 1st meal with us he stood on the table of the camper, he ate, as if he had always been fed there and an eater he was his whole live!
Our Cita was inspired by Bozo and occupied him “meaningfully”. So he no any longer had much time left for additional nonsense. He grew up and the little puppy turned into a large male.
In March, 1999, shortly before his 1st birthday, we went to the first show with Bozo. He fulfilled for us the dream of a successful male, he was just 13 months old, when Booz already became junior champion! But life sometimes slaps you in the face, our luck lasted 14 days, then the HD result returned: HD-D. And now?
It was a blessing in disguise that at least no pain for him was to be expected (that was true). Thus Dieter started to work with our Booz at the dog trainging site. The 2nd time there he was unfortunately bitten by a Howawart, although Bozo had submitted. That did not exactly make him easy in the next years, because he had learned very fast that attack is the best defense. Luckily he passed the companion dog test in May 2000, because the dog insanity in form of Mrs. Höhn made all Briards in North-Rhine/Westphalia to fighting dogs. At least with his CD he didn't need to carry a muzzle.
Bözi though Cita's puppies were stupid, only with the 2nd litter he noticed there were many visitors who all liked dogs and he always found a human, who had come JUST for him??? At least according to his opinion!! At the age of 2 1/2 years we had Booz castrated one and thus Bozo was allowed to “cover”our dogs . It was something else when he followed around the female he was in in love with in the garden.
Our Bözimann was also our Briard with much voice.. In autumn he was unfortunately diagnosed with Spondylosis which he however could handle well with a minimum quantity of Cortison and we hoped of course that he remains like this for a long time. Jan.07
Starting from March Booz was ailing morte and more. The liver results turned bad, so that the Cortison had to be taken off and he got tablets, which supported the liver instead and an Antiphlogistikum . It didn't really help that much, sometimes was he felt well, other times not so well. On Wednesday, the 20. the rapid purge began. He still went for is walk, although very, very slowly, but on Thursday we put the collar on while he was lying, and he also didn't want to eat since the beginning of the week, for Booz really an alarming signal. The ultrasonic on Thursday morning showed us the sad truth, he had a most aggressive liver tumor, which was burst, so that Bozo bled internally, the whole abdominal cavity was full of blood. And thus we had him put to sleep, in order to spare him the last 1-2 days . He fell asleep in my arms and went over the rainbow bridge to Cita and Els.
We are very sad and miss our “Fischchen”, our funny clown Bozo terriblly! 22.06.2007


Upson des Monts d'en Crouzille

05.12.2003 - 19.07.2007

(Surf des Monts d'en Crouzille
Romy des Monts d'en Crouzille)

CNSB OK - HD A-A - CANT- Champion d'Espagne


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