Patrache Du Paturage Chevalier

25.07.1991 - 25.05.2004

missed by Sonja van Lent

Am. & Can. CH.
Glendrover's Gena de Brylin,

20.04.1991 - 04.07.2004

Jenna was purchased from Briard breeder Sharon Wise, from the litter of CH. Briercliff's Bumble Bear x CH. Glendrover's Dollie. As a therapy dog, Jenna visited several parks and several patients at hospitals to share her "Briard" love, to provide some warmth and comfort, and to show them "a real" heart wrapped in fur.

missed by
Jack & Jan Wynne


To Our Beloved Jenna

The lap you used to occupy, Yearns for our frequent play.
But God had different plans for you, He's taken you away.

From the hospitals to playgrounds, Your visits were quite fun.
But all of this has ended now, Your time on earth is done.

The broken hearts, the emptiness, Will never pass I fear.
We really miss our Jenna girl, And wish that you were here.

You loved your life and everyone, No matter who they were.
The memories you left behind, Still nothing but a blur.

We need our little Jenna Bear, To help us through the night.
To take away this emptiness, Make everything just right.

The life that you have shared with us, Was filled with joy and love.
So brighten up these darkest days, By watching from above.

Farewell, not Goodbye...................and we miss you very much.

Roi d'Berger's Je l'Lee,

12.04.1994 - 06.12.2004

(CH. Grandeur de Lindeau
AKC & CKC CH. Glendrover's Gena de Brylin, HC,TT,CGC,TDI)

missed by
Jack & Jan Wynne



To Our Beloved Ellie

I've just lost the best friend that I have ever had in my entire life. I shared my bed with her. We shared love. Ellie showed many the true meaning of love. Everyone that she met during her life was greeted with a big kiss. I enjoyed our visits to hospitals to visit patients and provide them with therapy. Ellie quickly learned how to be a "ham" . She would lay her head on the edge of a patient's bed, look up at them with a look of pity, asking for a treat.

When she was born, her tail was very long and would touch the ground. Hence her first nickname of "monkeytail". Later in life from wagging her tail so hard that her rear end would shake, the nickname "wiggle-butt". And all through life "Ellie-Belle". And she would answer to all, her last years moreso to "wiggle-butt".

She was also a very good mother, even before becoming one. At age 2 when we brought home a french import, Ellie immediately took this pup under her wing, protecting her from other dogs, showing her the ropes of Briardism. During the next 8 years both were inseparable, doing everything together. Each and every day Ellie was so full of life with never a cross word for anyone.

I truly miss the best friend that I've ever had, and the love that she gave to all. But now she has joined her mother Jenna who also just recently left us. Too much sorrow for anyone to endure. Ellie, we love you and will never ever forget about you.
So long wiggle-butt, look in on us from time to time.


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