01.07.1986 - 29.03.2000

missed by Sonja van Lent

Am. & Can. CH. Fossebierre de Knollwood, HC, TT

08.03.1990 - 17.03.2001

Fozzie was purchased from
Linda Knoll:
sire: CH. Bazil du Moulin d'Eau
dam: CH. Amber l'Amour de Knollwood

missed by
Jack & Jan Wynne


Fozzie was our 1st Briard champion. He received an "Excellent / Pre-Select" at the 1991 BCA Rassemblement at the age of 18 months, and finished his American championship the following month with 4 major wins. Fozzie hated the show ring until after he finished his championship and became a special. Then, it was all out - fast paced around the ring - dragging his handler Jan or Heather. I tried showing him one time, and that was it ! He showed ME ! ! (and no one will let me forget this.) Fozzie loved everyone and everything except - - other male dogs. He had a very good temperament and was a very laid back Briard. Our "Bud" is sadly missed and will always be remembered.

Int.Ch. Darky Vigo

22.8.1992 - 28.10.2001

Interchampion, Clubchampion of Slovakia and Hungary, Champion of Slovakia , Czech, Austria and Hungary, Youth Champion and GrandChampion of Hungary,
Briard of the Year ´94, ´95, ´96, 2000 in Slovak Republic,
Briard of the Year ´94, 2000 in Czech republic,
Briard of the Year 2000 in Hungary,
Winner club show of Slovak Republic ´96,
Winner club show of Hungary ´94, ´96, 2000
and also of Czech republic 2000,
19x CACIB, 5x res. CACIB, 45x CAC, 29x BOB,
7x BOG, BOD, 4x BIS, IP01, HD A/A

missed by
Túróczy Katalin


Darky was one of those little black-haired dumplings who were born at the Vigo kennel, which is well known all over Europe and owned by the Vigas couple. I didn’t know until the very last minute that I would be the lucky one, who would be his owner since I had originally wanted a bitch. After countless telephone calls and a personal conversation with Dr. Vigas, which served the checking of my abilities, it had been doubtful yet, that I would be one of those happy ones, who could get a bitch from that litter. I wanted a puppy from this mating so much and I felt that I could not get a bitch. I also knew that Airy would never be a mother again because her uterus had to be removed for sanitary causes. So I phoned Dr. Vigas and told him: “I don’t care if tawny, black or grey, male or bitch, just let me have a puppy! That is how I got my little Darky. I knew from the very fist moment on that he would be the dog of my life. It was a very special, unexplainable feeling. I only knew that we belong together. It possibly could have made other people nervous but I was very glad to feel how much he needed me. He was never a burden to me at all when he was following me to every corner of the house. It is fantastic to live together with the dog of our lives but it is more painful and grievous to say farewell to him when the time has come. Darky died on 28th October 2001 but he will always have a very special place in my heart.

Król Kier Variete

10.10.1993 - 08.11.2001

(CH.PL.,ZW.PL.,CACIB Cmec du Pacha Moor
CH.PL.Evi Variete)

missed by
Andrzej Gawlowski


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